How the World Lost Its Dayum Mind (and You Can Too!)

Written by Luke Hamilton on July 18, 2013

The UN
In the Liberal mind, the UN is somewhere between the Justice League and Zeus’s royal court. They are omnipotent, benevolent, and nonviolent. They can (and should!) solve each and every world problem. They are ostensibly more awesome than G.I. Joe because they have more graduate degrees than brain cells.

In a story which has gotten far too little press this week, seven nations have announced that they have plans to run in an election to fill fourteen seats on the UN Human Rights Council. These nations include Algeria, Chad, China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam, with Iran and Syria considering candidacy as well.

I know that when I think of human rights, the forced abortions of China are what come to mind; or the prohibition of DWF (Driving While Female) in Saudi Arabia; or the capture and torture of political opponents in (all of the above). You see, when a nation egregiously violates human rights on an institutional scale, they are demonstrating they don’t believe in human rights, therefore it would be silly to vote them into a position which seeks to preserve human rights. These delegations should be laughed off the stage when announcing their candidacy, but that will never happen.

All the other eggheads will convince each other that cultural mores are malleable and “morally acceptable” really means something different to everyone, so there should be no discrimination from serving on the Human Rights Council due to the fact that a nation’s government is unacquainted with Human Rights. Or so the illogic goes.

We laugh about this idiocy, but try to imagine extrapolating this illogic out to other situations. A man convicted of a dozen DUIs is put in charge of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Ted Nugent campaigns to replace the head of PETA. Jodi Arias killed her boyfriend because she was sexist and hates men. Drew Peterson killed his 2nd and 3rd wives because they were substantially younger than he was and he hates young people! It all makes sense!!

Life gets so much simpler when your beliefs no longer have to adhere to basic logical principles! After all, logic is a concept created by dead white man and their racist god. Turn up the NPR broadcast and don’t bogart that Soma, comrade…

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