Navy Yard shooter was kicked out of military housing weeks before Monday’s massacre for complaining about ‘noises from the linen closet’

Published on September 20, 2013

Just weeks before Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis went on Monday’s bloody rampage, he was kicked out of a military housing complex in Rhode Island after complaining about noises coming from the linen closet.

The information is the latest insight into the troubled state of mind of Alexis in the weeks leading up to Monday’s massacre during which he shot and killed 12 people dead.

Alexis was living at the Naval Bachelor Enlisted Quarters in Newport, R.I., until early last month when he complained about hearing noise coming from the linen closet and was forced to leave.

Around the same time, Alexis allegedly had a run-in with a family waiting to fly home to Alabama from Norfolk International Airport, Va. on Aug 4.

Michael Boyd, 52, of Birmingham, Alabama said Alexis confronted them from 40 yards away as they waited to board a flight because he thought his Boyd’s wife Glynda was laughing at him.

‘He stood in front of us,’ Glynda Boyd told ABC News. ‘He was no more than two feet away from us, and he would just keep saying, “Is she laughing at me?” And we were like, “No” Then he just got angry. … You could tell his behavior, something wasn’t right with him mentally.’

‘He was kind of bold, the way he came up on us,’ said Michael Boyd.

His said his first instinct was to fight Alexis but instead he decided to call authorities. He said a security guard arrived but didn’t really intervene.

Alexis continued to shout obscenities. ‘He had the devil on him,’ Boyd said of Alexis.

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