Published on October 23, 2013

NBC’s Chuck Todd bluntly asked White House spokesman Jay Carney Monday who “misled” President Obama by letting him make promises about the Obamacare website that it has been simply unable to meet.

Carney said Obama was frustrated and focused on making improvements, but Todd kept asking who “let him down” and continued to pound away at the administration’s inability to explain what has gone so wrong with the website:

CHUCK TODD: Five days before the launch, the president said it’s a website where you can compare and purchase affordable health care plans, the same way you shop for a plane ticket on Kayak. Who misled him? Who misled the president on this? Are you telling me five days before that somebody let the president go out to the American public to give this speech and say this and make this promise? In fact, the next line is: I promise you, this is a lot easier, it’s like booking a hotel or plane ticket. Who let him down?

JAY CARNEY: The president’s frustrated. He made that clear in his remarks today, and we’re focused on making improvements so that the millions of Americans who want affordable health insurance are getting the best consumer experience possible, as opposed to Monday morning quarterbacking.

TODD: Is he let down? Did somebody –

CARNEY: Again, what I’ll tell you as I mentioned earlier, I think, is that there’s no question that the volumes exceeded substantially expectations and that the testing that was done was based on –

TODD: Adding a server would have fixed it in a heartbeat. That isn’t the issue, right?

CARNEY: I”m pretty confident you’re not a –

TODD: I am not a computer science guy.

CARNEY: – you haven’t written code in your day.

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