DHS and More Benghazi Scandal: Whose Homeland Are They Securing?

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on October 30, 2013

While Americans stubbornly refuse to allow the regime’s cover-up of the Benghazi catastrophe to fade from public consciousness, FOX News has discovered that the Department of Homeland Security is “quietly considering lifting a long-standing ban on Libyans coming to the U.S. for training in the aviation and nuclear fields…”

The document is, apparently, still in draft form. According to FOX News: “…the draft document… is circulating inside DHS and is not yet final. It comes a little more than a year after the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi in which four Americans were killed. The suspects still have not been brought to justice…” Such a detail isn’t even a speed bump to an administration which has been actively engaged in peddling fairy tales and smokescreens about Benghazi since before the attacks even occurred. The Lyin’ King and his regime can’t even bring themselves to utter the word “terrorism.” Unless they are talking about the Tea Party.

FOX News outlined proposed DHS goals: “The DHS document calls for rescinding restrictions first put in place in 1983 that barred Libyan nationals from coming to the U.S. to study or train in aviation maintenance, flight operations or nuclear-related fields…(the) DHS is ‘moving to rescind the restrictions’ after consultation with the Department of State and the Department of Defense.” Although not affiliated with any of the three departments, it is a safe bet that National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, has the president’s ear in this matter as well. An experienced, mendacious toady of the Lyin’ King, Rice was rewarded for her reprehensible Benghazi performance with a promotion to her current post.

The timing of the discovery of DHS’s sub-rosa intention is, to say the least, inopportune. On Sunday night, 60 Minutes had the impudence to air an apology Benghazi segment…of sorts. Needless to say, the material, known since the initial attack, was treated like a brand new expose. 60 Minutes had been caught, then, bloody-handed. They’d been willingly complicit in their attempts to mask factual evidence. Breitbart reported on Monday: “A year ago, CBS News released a previously unaired clip of an interview for 60 Minutes with President Barack Obama on Sep. 12, the day after the Benghazi attack, in which the president suggests clearly that the attack on the U.S. consulate was premeditated … CBS News had withheld that portion of the Sep. 12 interview until Oct. 19, choosing instead to release a portion in which Obama criticized rival Mitt Romney’s condemnation of the administration’s response to events … After the election, Kroft continued to insist that there was ‘no information that anything’s been covered up’ by the media or the Obama administration about the Benghazi attacks. That statement was wrong based on what was known at the time, and looks even worse today.” CBS is still carrying the regime’s water. Nowhere, in the 60 Minutes Pecksniffian segment on Sunday, did the names of the Imperial President or Hillary Clinton show up. Not once.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R., VA) expressed his outrage, in writing, over the regime’s stealth plan: “It is shocking that the Obama administration is turning a blind eye to real terrorist threats that exist in Libya today. We still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the Benghazi terrorist attacks and continue to face additional terrorist threats from Libya, yet the Obama administration is preparing to lift a longstanding ban that protects Americans and our interests.”

The real shame is that such grotesque behavior on the part of the regime still surprises our elected officials; the regime has, increasingly, exposed America to threats for the past five years; how can anyone feel secure if the ruling class still expresses “shock” that it continues to happen?

Image: Courtesy of http://viewpointsofasagittarian.blogspot.com/2013/04/seven-months-to-day-and-white-house.html

Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.