NO SHIITAKE: Kids Would Rather Climb Trees Than Play with Expensive Gadget

As parents across the country ponder what to do with their children this October half-term, the results of a new study could come as a welcome relief.

Instead of playing with for expensive toys or gadgets, many children would be much happier indulging in simpler pursuits such as baking, finger painting or carving a Halloween pumpkin.

Many of the activities make up a seasonal list put together by shoemakers Clarks, which commissioned the research.

Alison Sudbury, spokesman for the shoe retailers told The Express: ‘You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive days out to keep the children entertained this autumn and winter.

‘Our list shows that it’s the easy and traditional activities that children love to do the most.’

Clarks have compiled a list entitled 100 Things To Do Before You’re Ten, the first part of which was released in the summer.

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