Calling the Avengers! U.N. Plans to Defend the Earth From Asteroids

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on November 3, 2013

As if there wasn’t enough mind-bending idiocy already being interjected into our daily lives, The Week reports that, dissatisfied with simply screwing up life on earth, the United Nations plans to interject its “authority” into protecting the whole planet. The threat? The possibility that rocks, from outer space, will pelt the earth.

The Week reports: “Last week, the U.N. General Assembly approved the creation of an International Asteroid Warning Group…If the International Asteroid Warning Group discovers a deadly projectile speeding Earthward, the U.N. Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space — yes, that’s a real agency, formed in 1959 and tucked into the U.N. Office of Outer Space Affairs — springs into action.”

Uh huh.

The Week outlines the U.N. grand scheme to protect us:
1. Get prepared
2. Find the Asteroids before they find us
3. Destroy the Asteroid, if necessary

Anyone with a lick of sense can spot the trite nature of the United Nation’s “plan.” It isn’t a plan, it’s a self-important list of platitudes, analogous to telling someone who is desperately clawing at the cliff’s edge to “hold on.” The Week puts it nicely: “If Step One is the Boy Scout motto (“Be prepared”), Step Two is the catchphrase from the old GI Joe cartoon: Knowing is half the battle.” Knowing may be half the battle but what about the other half? One might reasonably argue, the more important half; what’s that old saw? “It’s not the fall that’ll kill you … it’s the sudden stop at the end”? Step three, of course, is entirely out of the realm of the United Nation’s powers … such as they are.

The problem, of course, is that the United Nations currently lacks any ability to carry out any of what they propose. The U.N. is completely dependent on the good will of donor nations, which have a space program, to do its highhanded bidding. They hope to have their own “eye in the sky” by 2017, but any deadline the U.N. sets is doubtful, to say the least; they’ve missed every deadline, for earthly matters, they’ve ever set.

Even if they don’t squander the funds for the proposed Sentinel, then what? Rusty Schweikar, an astronaut on NASA’s Apollo 9, put it baldly should nations, primarily the United States, be willing to do the U.N.’s bidding: “No government in the world today has explicitly assigned the responsibility for planetary protection to any of its agencies … NASA does not have an explicit responsibility to deflect an asteroid, nor does any other space agency.”

Good thing: Even if NASA did have such a charter, The Lyin’ King has made certain that NASA won’t ever be able to deflect anything but criticism of Muslims.

The problem isn’t that asteroids can’t create the end of days; they can. The problem is that an impotent and jumped-up United Nations finds this to be of primary importance; a new sinkhole to dump money into. The United Nations believes it has the juice to control space programs belonging to other nations in their quest for one world government. With decades of corruption to their credit, the U.N., not satisfied with current levels of scavenging the coffers of its contributor countries, is now stretching its feeble claws toward space.

A good friend emailed The Week headline to me: “UN Plans to Fight Asteroids with ‘Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space” His comment says it all: “I thought that’s what Preparation-H was for…”

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Marilyn Assenheim
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