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Think China’s One Child Policy Is Extreme? Dan Savage Says “Abortion Should Be Mandatory for 30 Years”

You remember Dan Savage, don’t you?  He’s the “It Gets Better” rainbow-gestapo spokesman against bullying.

Sorry.  That should read “against bullying homosexuals.”

He doesn’t mind bullying “other” people who he sees as beneath him.  Some groups — especially religious people and conservatives, (in his mind) cry out to be bullied.  Not LBGT people, of course, but other people.  You know, people different from him, outsiders, xénos. (Which is the root of the word xenophobe, if you’re wondering.)  Those are the people it’s OK to bully.

It’s interesting how often people become what they hate.  But I digress.

His violently partisan rhetoric should be nothing new to anyone who’s heard of him.  If you have no idea who I’m talking about, and want to hear his (very heavily bleeped) rhetoric first-hand, here’s a sampling.

He’s the guy who said “I wish [Republicans] were all f—ing dead”.   Yes, that Obama-approved poster-boy for — and I’m not even kidding — “anti-bullying”.

It seems somebody made the mistake of asking Savage to speak frankly about “what so-called dangerous idea” he thinks would change the world for the better if it were implemented.

He answered, with only a moment’s hesitation:

“Population control.  There’s too many (expletive) people on the planet.” (he took a moment to affirm his pro-choice views and continued) “Sometimes in my darker moments I’m anti-choice.  I think abortions should be mandatory for about thirty years.  That’s a dangerous idea, she wanted a dangerous idea. (shrugs) So throw a chair at me.”

Judge for yourself in this 42 second clip whether he was kidding or “putting an idea out there”.  I’m sure Ted Turner, for one, would be thrilled with the idea.

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