Another Leftist Lie: Teeming Masses of Uninsured

Written by Allan Erickson on December 17, 2013

Among the many tall tales cascading out of the President’s mouth these days, there is the outstanding lie that drove the argument in support of ObamaCare from the very beginning, a lie the MSM ignores or repeats to this day.
” . . . if you’re one of the nearly 46 million people who don’t have health insurance, you will finally have quality, affordable options.”  Barack Obama, June 2009 town hall meeting
All along, Obama argued healthcare reform was a moral issue, that teeming masses were uninsured.  He claimed many had seen their coverage cancelled for no good reason, another lie.  Interestingly, in the wake of implementation, that claim is now true, attributable to the impact of ObamaCare.  Indeed, according to this report, the number of uninsured under ObamaCare will double!  So yes, the opposite of what was promised is happening, as with the promises people could keep their doctors and their preferred plans, period.
Think of it, the President intoned, how can we sit back while 46 million fellow citizens do not have health insurance? (Remember, very few stepped forward to argue people did not have access to healthcare, only that they did not have access to affordable health insurance.)  It was argued since coverage was lacking, and private insurers were obviously remiss, the government must step in and solve this glaring problem.  Doing so would contain costs and increase access, we were told, and now we see the opposite happening, again.
Point one: the “problem” was not glaring nor was it the fault of private enterprise.  Point two: when government conjures a problem, then proposes solutions to non-existent problems, you can be sure another agenda is at work under the radar.
Obviously, the problem of coverage could have been addressed without nationalizing healthcare.  Government disallows insurance companies from engaging competition nationally: they are confined within states. Simply allowing national competition would have gone a long way toward lowering premiums and expanding coverage.
However, simple solutions to manageable problems don’t have the political appeal of grand schemes to solve illusory problems, nor do they provide the opportunistic crises needed for “fundamental transformation”.
In truth, the number of uninsured has never approached the 46 million number Obama deceptively floated to justify his massive takeover of healthcare.  Various studies indicate the number of uninsured is actually half that figure.  Half that number (about 12 million) are illegal aliens.  So in truth, the number of truly uninsured citizens is in the neighborhood of 11 million.
Remarkably, most uninsured people find it is only a temporary situation.  Furthermore, many of the uninsured won’t be helped by ObamaCare in any case as we see.  Meanwhile, almost 6 million people have lost the plans they preferred thanks to ObamaCare, and thanks to the dysfunctional website, they can’t purchase the new, improved, more expensive and unavailable plans offered by the government.  It would appear the Obamatrons outwitted themselves.  They did not anticipate their colossal failures or the resulting backlash.
Consequently, Obama is scrambling to cover all the prior lies with more lies even as he changes his law, unlawfully, in an hysterical attempt to salvage his signature accomplishment, and his legacy.  (No one has apparently informed him both are toast, just as they failed to tell him the website was nowhere near ready.)
Soon, as many as 80 million will lose their plans.  So, the worst is yet to come.  We should all remember, it was all by design: drive people off private plans, and force them on to government plans.  It’s called creeping socialism laying the groundwork for communism, otherwise known as “social justice”.
The Republican plan floated years ago to address the problem of the uninsured was swept away in favor of the Karl Marx/Red Shield plan to destroy patient protection and affordable care, laying the ground work for socialized medicine, in reality, a scheme to destroy private insurance, private healthcare, and usher in wealth redistribution behind complete government control.  In this case, cut off the old, take from the young, subsidize the middle.  Trouble is, the young see the scam, and they ain’t buyin’. 

Health insurance was once a way people protected themselves from threats to life and limb.  Today, it is a government weapon that puts life and limb, and liberty, at increased risk.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.