The UK’s — and David Cameron’s — Great Islamic Awakening?

Written by Audrey Russo on December 9, 2013

We have already put in place some of the toughest terrorism prevention controls in the democratic world … But we must work harder to defeat the radical views which lead some people to embrace violence.” — UK PM David Cameron

It appears that the UK’s great advocate for Islam has had a change of heart. The constant display of barbaric acts and Islamic cries of hate for the West, was never enough to open the eyes of the UK PM David Cameron. The question must be asked: What magical smelling salts was the PM given … because these suckers appear to have grown a spine!

Cameron’s rabid defense for Islam in the past, almost required shots. He condemned the EDL (a grassroots movement of citizens desiring to retain the freedoms and culture of their homeland) with egregious barbs … but fell all over himself to protect this vile lot of Mohammedans. Now we are to believe he agrees with those who oppose Islamists?

So, let me get this straight … Mr. Cameron has awoken out of his deep Islamic slumber. Well, then I’d like to know what it finally took for this man to awaken. The tragic event of his soldier Lee Rigby’s beheading, didn’t move him. The kidnapping and rape of British teenage girls by grooming gangs wasn’t enough. And the rallying cry of the British people in the streets, desperately trying to bring attention to the daily Islamic hate crimes committed against fellow citizens, moved him not.

But now, suddenly he’s startled into reality? Who was holding the Cattle prod of truth?

This apparent revelation of Cameron’s would mean: Tommy Robinson & Kev Carroll (Founders of the EDL), Paul Weston (Liberty GB leader), Gavin Boby (Founder, Law & Freedom Foundation) … and Human Rights activists Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer (who were both blocked from the UK for telling the truth about Islam), were correct after all? Then I guess that means we should be expecting Cameron’s apologies to begin very soon? His contrition should be as public as his castigations were … if he’s a real leader.

Has Cameron really seen the light on Islam, or are we being fooled yet again by another political season as Cameron is busy tickling the ear with what voters want to hear … until the season ends?

Time will tell how legit his rhetoric truly is … but allow me to leave you with this thought for your rumination: The true character of a man is not in the pride he takes in successes, but in the humility he displays in his failures.

Here’s hoping Cameron will humble himself and follow through … he’d be the first Western leader to do so, on the problem of Islam. 

Shalom through strength…

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