“BOYS WILL BE BOYS”: Heartless Reason Lawyer Gave for Why 5yr. Old Was Raped

A federal investigation into a county courthouse has revealed a shocking catalogue of claims that sex assault victims were routinely discriminated against and ignored.

In one case, it is alleged a prosecutor in Montana left a five-year-old rape victim’s mother horrified when he explained away the attack by saying ‘boys will be boys’.

According to a report, the mother of the child said she wanted to know why the boy who raped her daughter was only getting a slap on the wrist.

The U.S. Department of Justice found Missoula County Attorney’s prosecutors refusing legitimate cases, pushed sex crimes to the lowest of priorities and belittling women who came to them for help.

It added that sex assault cases rarely make it to the courthouse, because they are a low priority to county prosecutors.

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