Red Skins or White Devils?

Written by Wes Walker on February 27, 2014

The next time someone complains that a certain NFL team has a racist name, or complains about someone’s white privilege, you might want to throw out this little nugget.

Some interesting results came back from the DNA testing of a two-year old Stone Age child.  That child was from the “Clovis” culture, one of the earliest groups identified in the “New World”.

This is no small discovery.  This same team of scientists have now provided the earliest DNA mapping specimens both of Old World human remains (just last year) and now, the New World as well.

This child’s roots are interesting for two reasons.

The first reason is his ancestry.  His roots go back to Siberia… and before that, Germany, to which a third of his DNA has been linked.

The second reason is his descendants.  Of course, as a two-year old, he’d have none himself, but his DNA profile is shared with 80% of ALL “Native American” peoples in the Americas.

The researcher’s reaction in the article sums it up pretty neatly:

After learning the results, Doyle was emotionally overcome. But then, with the tension relaxed, he joked with Willerslev about wondering if he would be told he himself was of Danish ancestry. Finally Doyle proclaimed: “This boy is my cousin.”

While professional “Offense Mongers” are busy fanning the flames of dissension between identifiable people groups, creating anger and envy where none need be, it is good to see examples where people are showing that we aren’t really so different after all.  I expect future research will point to other similarities between us.

After all, we’re all pretty much “just cousins”.

And since we’re family, maybe we could treat each other that way. (Yes, even the white ones.)

(Full article here; h/t to Small Dead Animals)

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