Surprise, Surprise, Surprise: Boehner Back Peddles On Immigration Reform:

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on February 7, 2014

On Wednesday The Washington Times reported: “Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) said House Speaker John Boehner should lose his leadership post if he pushes forward with immigration reform this year…’I think it should cost him his speakership…’” On Thursday FOX News reported: “House Speaker John Boehner hit the brakes on immigration legislation on Thursday, saying it will be ‘difficult’ to move any bill in the current climate.” Does he mean it? Betting the ranch on three-card Monte would be a safer gamble.

After spearheading a push for legalizing illegal invaders, just last week, Boehner has voiced new-found concerns. The Washington Times published this account: “…some rank-and-file conservatives in the House have said Mr. Boehner is risking both the GOP’s election chances and his own position at the head of their conference if he moves ahead with a bill.” Aha. The Washington Times continued, presenting Boehner’s self-serving excuse: “Mr. Boehner and fellow Republicans said Mr. Obama’s credibility on the immigration issue has suffered both because of his previous moves to change policy and stop many deportations under existing laws, and because of the tone of his State of the Union address last month, when the president said he would take even more unilateral actions.” Check the news, Mr. Boehner. He’s done it again, today.

The Lyin’ King is destroying America’s identity from the inside out. He’s being allowed to achieve his goals without pesky interference from Congress. “Dreamers” were given amnesty to spank the constituency’s unwillingness to tolerate illegal invasion. As a result illegals can and are even able to practice law in a country whose laws they’ve flouted. Criminals can and do remain in the United States.

On Tuesday a 19 year-old “dreamer” was sentenced for running over two children in October. The girls were both killed. The “dreamer” failed to report the incident, leaving police to find her because she was “fixated on the possibility she wasn’t the driver who struck them.” Not likely; a speed bump makes an impact upon a driver. The bodies of two girls, ages 6 and 11, wouldn’t go unnoticed. Her sentence? Three years’ probation doing community service. Deportation is “questionable.” Deportation is only being considered not because of the deaths she caused but because of her failure to report the hit-and-run.

The Imperial president upped the ante on Thursday. According to FOX News: “The Obama administration has unilaterally eased restrictions on asylum seekers with loose or incidental ties to terror and insurgent groups… It would allow some individuals who provided ‘limited material support’ to terror groups to be considered for entry into the U.S.” The move is approved of by lickspittles like John Kerry and Patrick Leahy. Opposition Senators, like Jeff Sessions, find the action “deeply disturbing.” Isn’t it a relief that they are “disturbed?” But no one ever stops him. Didn’t there used to be three branches of government?

The Lyin’ King has never, in his entire tenure as president, adhered to a single law he doesn’t fancy. The canard that Boehner is just now becoming concerned that even stricter language will not be enough to hold the Liar-in-Chief to his word is puerile, at best. But that is the hallmark of the Speaker; to decry Democrat behavior when his own political career seems to be in jeopardy then to roll over once the heat is off. John Boehner has had twelve terms in Congress. His wet noodle performance has been the hallmark of his tenure as Speaker. What he does is never to America’s benefit. What Americans want never matters. The possibility of losing his sinecure as Speaker of the House does.

And this will be no different.

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Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.