Democrats Baselessly Accuse Tea Party, Make Excuses for Iran and Russia

Written by Paul Hair on March 23, 2014

Charlie Rangel recently issued baseless accusations against the Tea Party even as his Democratic Party makes excuses for Iran and Russia, thus revealing who Democrats view as their greatest enemy and just how irreconcilably divided Americans are.

U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel believes Tea Partiers “are mean, racist people.” Apparently wanting fiscal responsibility and being free of the government stealing from you makes you his mortal enemy . . . and the mortal enemy of the Democratic Party for that matter since this isn’t the first time Rangel and the Democrats have lied about the Tea Party.

Meanwhile, they have a completely different reaction to enemies of America when they say something that is openly threatening to or disparaging of the United States.

Back in January, the Iranian government told CNN that whatever deal the White House made with it regarding its nuclear program wasn’t the deal the Obama regime insists it was. The Obama regime responded to this by saying the Iranians were just joking:

Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry challenged White House press secretary Jay Carney on the true intention of Iran’s nuclear media blitz Thursday in the White House press conference. Carney repeatedly asserted Iranian statements denying certain aspects of the deal are “spin” and intended for domestic political consumption.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif told CNN yesterday the White House is mischaracterizing the Joint Plan of Action by suggesting it requires Tehran to dismantle any of their nuclear infrastructure.

The Joint Plan of Action itself has not yet been made public, leading to some confusion as to whose version of the deal is correct.

And only recently the same Jay Carney decided that a Russian television personality (with reportedly close ties to the Putin administration) was only kidding around when he said that Russia could turn the U.S. into a nuclear wasteland:

Early this morning, we posted a video of Russian state TV anchor Dmitry Kiselyov standing in front on a large image of mushroom cloud and calmly informing his audience that “Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash.”

During this afternoon’s White House press briefing, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl read Kiselyov’s quote aloud to Press Secretary Jay Carney to gauge his reaction to it. “I mention this because this is state-controlled Russian television, which as we know, does not generally broadcast stuff that is not signed off at the government of Russia,” Karl noted.

“People say crazy things on TV all the time,” Carney joked, before turning more serious.

So, yeah, Russia is causing trouble, and, yeah, the White House is concerned with it. But at the same time, the White House believes that a de facto Russian spokesman isn’t being serious when he discusses nuclear annihilation.

In other words, the Democratic Party is more than willing to give the benefit of the doubt to nations hostile to America. Democrats view their threats and insults as hyperbole or politics. And the leaders running those nations are really just good, reasonable people beneath it all. But when Tea Partiers state they simply want to be left alone and not have the government drive the nation into ruin, Democrats see them as lying in order to cover how “evil” they really are.

This is just another sign that the U.S. has deteriorated to a point where debating and reason are a lost cause between our increasingly divided nation. I don’t know what comes next but I do know this: Democrats utterly hate people who don’t side with them. And they have more in common with geopolitical foes of the U.S. than they do with their fellow Americans.

Paul Hair honorably served in the U.S. Army Reserve as a non-commissioned officer; he is veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has worked as a civilian in both the government and private sectors. His writings have appeared at various websites. Paul now runs The Security and Culture Intelligencer website(http://scintelligencer. and is an independent consultant for Wikistrat, a strategic analysis and forecasting network. Connect with him at the S&CI website and on Twitter at @PaulHair1.

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