Mr. Pouty Face Meets Mr. Putin

Published on March 23, 2014

By ++++Allen
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

As a red white and blue American, I never thought in a million years that I would ever be singing the praises of a Russian President. In comparing Manly Man Putin, to whom we Americans got stuck with for four more years as president my appreciation for Putin has blossomed.

It started with the security promised by Putin for the Sochi Olympics. Manly Man Putin issued a warning to all Muslims, but especially to those pesky ones in the Caucuses. Quote, “if there are any terrorist attacks (for the Sochi Olympics), I will annihilate you”. Yeah! Big Cheer! Not only would Putin annihilate the terrorist, but more than likely his or her entire family! I can betcha all Muslims believed Putin’s threat! Unlike Mr. Pouty Face, who only blows lukewarm air.

Ok, I’m counting, 1 pause, 2 longer pause, I really mean it, 3 really long pause. Blah, blah, blah. Pouty has lost every ounce of credibility he had. Though with me, he never had any to lose. When I see his face on TV which is almost daily, I’m running for the remote to turn the channel. Yelling obscenities until I finally get that station turned. The ever present weak-wristed Mr. Pouty Face, aka, King Obama, is continually drawing a crayon line in the sand on various issues. Either on someone, or someplace around the globe.  Certainly the patriots of old would be rolling in their respective graves. 

If I have learned anything over the last five years of being in Obama’s Kingdom, which is a strange place indeed, it is that if King O is opposed, or approves of some matter in our Universe I stand on a distant shore.

Not that I necessarily agree with Putin’s actions in the Ukraine. But I certainly object to Mr. Pouty Face constantly throwing his two cents in. With King O’s grimacing looks, he obviously lacks potency, and he isn’t fooling anyone. Unfortunately, he continues to make America a laughing stock around the globe. Sanctions? What a joke! Hey, Mr. Pouty Face, Putin has more nunchuck skills in his ex-KGB bag than you can imagine. If you keep poking at a rattlesnake, eventually you will be bitten. King O could get taken to the proverbial wood shed by Putin, and experience his Come-to-Jesus Moment anytime now. Unfortunately for the rest of us, he could get us all nuked.
I will get back to Mr. Pouty Face, and the Putin-Ukraine situation in a minute, but first some other information to consider in bolstering my theory.

For instance, take the Palestinians, please, take them! They chant, “push the Jew into the sea”, yet no outcry from King O, aka Mr. Pouty Face.  In fact, he threatens Israel with sanctions if they do not concede land, to those who want to push them into the sea! How nuts is that? Unless of course one is pro-Muslim.
Muslim dominated countries are killing its Coptic Christians left and right, but no outcry from King O about this either.  Nope, not a peep.

Egypt experienced what King O, and his beloved media praised, calling the movement, “the Arab Spring”. What it really was, was a Muslim extremist coup de tat. Two years later the non-extremist Egyptian Muslims and Christians took back their country.

Kicking out the Muslim Brotherhood appointed President Moursi. The actions which Mr. Pouty Face so vehemently condemned. The Egyptian people have been freed. I hope you saw the video on the World Wide Web, showing the handmade anti-Obama posters all over the place in Egypt. Even the Egyptians know whom Mr. Pouty Face supports.
What about South Sudan, where the majority, 82% per Wikipedia, is Christian.? Yet the Sudan has a majority, 98% Muslim population.  The Muslims continue to invade the South, leaving death and destruction along its boarders, and outlying towns and villages. Not a peep, or a pout from our Crayon-coloring-line drawing president.

So now let’s talk the Ukraine.  Have you asked yourself why is Obama so ticked off about the Ukraine? Why does King O seem to go silent on just as important world situations? After all, the Ukraine is Russian territory, and has been for around 2,000 years, per Wikipedia. Yes, they had a recent split.

Let’s look at some other Ukrainian facts. In the southeastern most area of the Ukraine, is the Crimea. There live the Muslim Tartars. This group was responsible for Russia’s Beslan School massacre. You might remember that. A group of Muslim invaders took control of an Elementary school, in which they slaughtered dozens of children, and their teachers. Pictures are on Youtube, and slaughtered is a very appropriate term.

As I write, the news for Russia, and the Ukraine keeps shifting. Currently it looks as though the Ukraine and the Crimea will again be joined to Mother Russia. It also appears that this is all bad news for Muslims in those areas. Also bad news for Turkey and Erdogan, King O’s buddy. Turkey lies just across the sea. Turkey will now have Putin at their front door. No padding between the two, just an itty bitty ocean.

I think this is why King O has his panties in a wad. Well, you might say no, it has to do with the oil rich lands that the Crimea has, which will now be under Putin’s control. Yet in oil rich America, King O has done his best to regulate to death our own production of oil, and energy sources. Causing us to remain continually indebted to the Muslim Saudi’s. Oh, that reminds me, don’t you remember when King O bent over to give the Saudi king a nice big bow? The Keystone pipeline is also a no go with Mr. Pouty Face, via another televised appearance. With me again cussing at my TV, as I’m running for the remote.

King O, with his pouty face, concerning the Ukraine, has everything to do with his pro-Muslim stance, displayed for all the world to see, prompted by his bro-mance with Erdogan, who is shaking in his sandals knowing that Putin is very much anti-Muslim, and is now able to reach out and touch him. Erdogan has suppressed Turkey’s western loving citizens, with his Muslim Brotherhood ways. Erdogan knows Putin will not take any crap from the Islamic radicals swarming the area. Period.

Pro-Muslim Mr. Pouty Face is having a meltdown.

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