‘Mother’: The Power of That Very Meaningful Word

Published on May 10, 2014

by Breeanna L’Etoile
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

With a dictionary full of words it’s hard to pick one single word that holds the most meaning to me. I could have chosen “responsibility” because, at this stage in my life, that word seems to be coming up a lot.

Or maybe “love” but I’m not sure that word can be expressed in words.

“Hope” is another one that I will always hold dear to me, but again, how does one write about hope?

So the word I choose is “mother”. My whole life I have never known what it is to have a mother. I have had a grandmother and a few of dad’s girlfriends, but never a mother.  It’s like in the movies when you see the girl and her mother laughing over tea? Maybe it’s like my friends and their mothers always butting heads and never really getting each other.

The power of a mother seems invincible. Always ready with tissues and advice. I have always seen mothers as heroes. They might not be fighting to save a city, but they sure are fighting for their children. 

This word has always had an impact on my life. Everywhere from explaining my mother to people, to admiring other peoples’ mothers. It has hurt me and helped me grow.  It has pushed me to become the person I am now and it has shown me the person I do not wish to become.

As my life goes on, I’m sure the word will impact me even more. My biggest goal in life is not to become rich or famous — it’s to become a mother. Not only is this word important to me now, but it will become even more vital in the future. One day I will be someone’s mother and I will have the responsibility to show that person the world and all it has to offer. I will have to show them what responsibility, love and hope  are so maybe they can choose one of those as the word that has impacted their life most.

breeBreeanna L’Etoile a senior at Londonderry High School, Londonderry, NH.

Image: Courtesy of: http://usamania.wikispaces.com/Mother’s++Day