‘KILLING O’REILLY’: O’Reilly Attacks Jason Mattera, Mattera Fights Back With Damning Video

Published on June 28, 2014

After Bill O’Reilly dedicated two segments on his show to putting down the recent video that Jason Mattera released with Hillary Clinton, and labeling it as ‘hurtful for conservatives’, Mattera has fired back with another video highlighting some of Bill’s best – er, worst – moments. Via Daily Surge:

Bill O’Reilly has now dedicated two segments on “The Factor” decrying Jason Mattera’s confrontation with Hillary Clinton as “nasty,” “cheap stuff,” “crude,” “over-the-line,” and hurtful to conservatives. He even turned the video into one of his corny poll questions. Upon further review, it turns out that Billy wasn’t referencing Mattera at all. Nope. He was talking about his own boorish behavior.