MORE PC BS: Now Naming Our Military Helicopters ‘Apache’, ‘Blackhawk’, Is ‘Injustice’

Published on June 29, 2014

I doubt the writers of Saturday Night Live, with their imaginative pens, could script the non-sense that regularly tumbles from the whirring tin-brain of the freakish Liberals.  Here my dear Clashers, is the latest politically correct brain fart installment from the lunatic Left.  I wonder when these wizards are going to commence re-naming states and cities named after Native Americans?  Check it out …

The Apache, Black Hawk, Comanche, Cheyenne, Chinook, Kiowa, and Lakota.

To the managing editor of the Boston Review, Simon Waxman, the use of Native American tribe names for military helicopters is a shameful injustice, perpetrated by the American government. Say what?

Cashing in on the loud opposition to the Washington Redskins’ team name, Waxman wrote an editorial for the Washington Post in which he argues that the government is essentially shoving the unjust conquering of Native Americans right back in their faces.

It is worse than denial; it is propaganda. The message carried by the word Apache emblazoned on one of history’s great fighting machines is that the Americans overcame an opponent so powerful and true that we are proud to adopt its name. They tested our mettle, and we proved stronger, so don’t mess with us.

In whatever measure it is tribute to the dead, it is in greater measure a boost to our national sense of superiority. And this message of superiority is shared not just with U.S. citizens but with those of the 14 nations whose governments buy the Apache helicopters we sell. It is shared, too, with those who hear the whir of an Apache overhead or find its guns trained on them.

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