Barack Obama: Child-Killer in the House

Written by Pete Parker on July 14, 2014

Truth be told–Barack Obama’s hyper-feckless, political escapades have killed thousands of children. Yes, the man in the White House has the blood of innocents on his hands.
That’s correct: the blood of innocents.

Thanks to such web sites as Clash Daily, Bare Naked Islam and Atlas Shrugs–we have witnessed the unfettered brutality of the Obama backed rebels in Syria. With articles and videos reporting on how the rebels rape, torture and cannibalize scores of young Christians children–these sites have been a font of critical information.

Yes, critical information which explicitly demonstrates the following: That our Commander in Chief is actually providing material support to a cohort of Muslim men who just last month gang raped a nine year old girl, cut her heart out and then devoured it while her horrified family was forced to watch.

Beyond barbaric.

Sadly, this brand of savagery strikes every few seconds in Syria. The young–by the thousands–become prey for the bloodthirsty miscreants Barack Obama stridently calls “freedom fighters.”

(According to a recent Reuters press release, 7,000 children have been killed since the start of Syria’s civil war.)

Yet, despite the facts on the ground–President Obama continues to demand billions more from congress to further weaponize these Islamo-thugs. 

Talk about vile.

Unfortunately, Obama’s deadly assault on children doesn’t end with Syria.

The ongoing humanitarian catastrophe at our southern border–where an estimated 57, 000 illegal alien children (IAC) have entered our country in the past nine months–is a direct manifestation of Obama’s lawlessness.   

In 2012–by yet again demonstrating his profound antipathy for the US Constitution–Obama circumvented congress and granted over 500,000 IACs amnesty. And by doing so, he not only deliberately created an endless stream of  alien children (or as Nancy Pelosi would call them “future Democrats”) to our border–but also deliberately placed them in great peril.

And why is that? Because Obama knows full well that the only way these kids can make the journey to our border is by riding the infamous “Death Train” which originates out of Guatemala. During the two week journey, potential IACs are either raped, beaten or murdered by a host of miscreants including gang members, coyotes and drug lords.  

Not to mention the hundreds of children who never make it to the border because they were either crippled, maimed or killed attempting to hop on the train while it was moving.

So, if one crunches the numbers–Obama’s political escapades have cost the lives of thousands of children. Of course, as the facts indicate–a majority of those causalities have occurred in Syria. But–if the crises at the border continues to fester–all bets are off.

But, of course–none of this matters to a self-absorbed, narcissistic ass who is guided by the gods of  political expediency.  

And that ass is Barack Obama: Child killer in the house.



Pete Parker is a Navy veteran and former strength athlete who writes about the current issues of the day from a conservative perspective. Pete was also the host of “TUFFTalk” radio which dealt with national security-- and the threat Islam poses to Western Civilization. He is very passionate about preserving our great nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.