A ‘You-Better-Sit-Down’ NEWS FLASH: Bergdahl the Traitor is Back

Watching the news this week was one of those moments where if I wasn’t sitting, I would have fallen over. You know like when your fifty year old parents make a family announcement to their grown-up children that they are expecting a baby. Usually when one looks at their somewhat aging parents, the thoughts of them actually having a roll-in-the-hay is a little disgusting…Or at least that’s how I remember back in the day.

So earlier this week, I heard some seriously troubling news to my ears. Our local Eyewitness News in Houston just reported that…Are you ready? The now infamous traitor Bergdahl has been sent back to active service, once again in the Army? No longer in the hospital–of course most of us knew he didn’t need to be in the hospital to begin with–he now has been re-assigned to “desk duty” with the Army North in San Antonio (this part of the story per Fox News.)

Ok, hold on….it’s worse he Bergdahl does not have the rank of a private–no rank loss for his desertion–he holds the rank of sergeant! Or at least this is what is being reported. I thought most of America wanted this creep court-martialed under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and shot for desertion. Or, at the least, a jail cell somewhere, preferably with Barry–in the future–in the adjacent cell, can you picture that? The thought puts a smile on my face.

We need to ask ourselves as Americans…are we ok with this obvious and blatant lack of justice for all involved?…From Bergdhal going about life as a regular joe, to the death of those sent to search for him. I’m not ok with that, and I hope you aren’t ok with it either. Only in Obama’s world could good be called bad and bad called good. South of our border there exists a situation with a by-all-accounts good Marine in a Mexican jail, sitting there on false and possibly trumped-up charges, President Barry won’t lift his little pinky finger to get Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi free. On the other hand we have a by-all-accounts traitor named Berdahl who has earned our disdain, yet he is being favored as a victim of his circumstances …gain only in Obama’s world.

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