NUCLEAR OPTION? Will Women’s 2014 Vote Be THE Difference?

Written by Kevin Fobbs on September 11, 2014

The future of America may seriously rest on the shoulders of American women. The nation’s safety and security may have as its birthplace right in the state of Tennessee in 1920. It was in this state that one vote from a young 24 –year-old Tennessee Republican legislator became the deciding vote on August 18, to grant women the right to vote. The state became the 36th and deciding state to ratify the U.S. Constitution’s 19th Amendment.

By doing so, Republican Harry Burns helped shape a new course for American history. Yet 94 years later that vote has been submerged, taken hostage and bushwhacked by Obama’s Obamacare and liberal election year tactics. With ISIS on the march in Iraq, Syria and threatening America, can and will women and their families survive and, equally important, how will they? Their vote may be the one and deciding factor!

2014, has become the year of disappointment and destruction for women and their families in America. Just last year, millions of women saw the insurance protection coverage they desperately relied upon destroyed by Obama’s admission he lied. Now the next shoe or anvil is about to drop with the employer mandate which will negatively impact over a 100 million Americans.

All of this Obamacare chaos was avoidable, but Obama lied about lower costs in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and those hopes were shattered on the kitchen floors of America. In the past week the Wall Street Journal pointed out the Obamacare cost-control lie, showing that, “health care will soak up nearly one of every five U.S. dollars instead of one of six. Taxpayers will finance 48% of that spending a decade out, up from 41% in 2007.”

Obama and Democrats lied to American voters and especially to women whom they know make up a majority of the nation’s voting base. Now the 2014 election is a scant few weeks away and permanent damage to women and their families lies just beyond the veil of Obama and White House promises.

So it is not personal to you, you think? So you feel that this dismantling and erosion of your power of the vote has not touched your life? Have you looked at your utility bill recently? What about the mortgage bill and property taxes that have gone up while the value of your home has gone under water? No, running away from reality is not an option any longer that you and your family can afford.

For far too many women, like yourself, who are the caretaker of the family purse strings, it has come down to not just pinching dollars or even pennies, it is simply not having any pennies to pinch. Trouble is, it is not just you, because your neighbor across the street is feeling it and your sister or brother’s family is feeling it also.

But women are by far being hurt the worse. These dilemmas are all very real, very personal and cause true immeasurable stress that grows each and every day. You hear it from your hairdresser or at the neighborhood store or in church after service. The pain is real and the sense of futility is numbing you with a restless sleep that never ends.

You know what this means; no hope to grow out of a cesspool of continuous economic misery and no opportunity to even stay even while your child goes to a resale shop for new clothes and you continuously search through classified ads for non-existent jobs.

Unfortunately, this is now the America that women find themselves in and actually it truly does not matter if you are a young woman out of high school or college and trying to start a career or a job or an older woman with a family or even one who is nearing retirement. The real deal is that you and your vote are the one and only weapon that can turn your life, your family and your community and even the nation around.

But like the female suffragists who battled against the tyranny of voter deprivation there is an equally horrendous threat that faces women today. The conditions of economic stagnation and political policy entrapment are real and they work against women as a tool to secure a vote that empowers their real political oppressors: Obama and the Democrats.

So think about it. Who did you talk with when Obama admitted that he lied about the insurance coverage that you had to cover your daughter’s medical emergency or the son who needed the operation that is now unaffordable? Could you call Obama and ask why you had to take out a second mortgage to bail you out? Remember he signed a law for Wall Street bailouts which made multi-millionaires even richer, but you don’t rate.

This is not a game and your family’s future is not a ping-pong ball match. So you ask yourself, your spouse or your girlfriend why is this happening to you?

The answer is simple. You and pretty much all women have been targeted by the true War on Women, that steals your family’s future with Obama promises, political bait and switch tactics and television commercials. The goal is to convince you on Election Day that the only way out of the muck and mire is to vote for liberal political policies that continue to steal your actual family’s survival, again and again.

There is an answer and it is a solution that is based on more than idle political toss away liberal promises that die ten seconds after Election Day is over. It is called your Personal Revolutionary Vote or PRV. It is based upon a framework begun by President Ronald Reagan. It is a Reaganism Reaganomic Revolution. You are the beginning and the end. It is where you as a woman in America take control of your life for your own family and commands the government to get lost!

The woman’s vote that was arrived at so long ago is not the final act of the play. It was only the beginning. It began a compact with all women of color and of ethnicity, age and societal status to recognize there is a commonality of purpose. The commonality of purpose is more crucial now than ever before. Reaganism and Reaganomics is not Republican or Democrat but rather it is a commitment to your own personal and economic freedom that is generated by your own initiative.

Take for example, Melanie Tipton, a conservative woman leader who hails from the same state of Tennessee where the right to vote was solidified in the annuals of American history. Patriotism and unswerving devotion to the biblical values which were essential to the birth of America are part of her DNA. It shows in her many accomplishments and in her forthcoming movie, Melanie’s Journey Through Chattanoogaville

She, like many women in America, refuses to stand down and submit to the political entrapment which steals a women’s self hood while robbing them of the vote that was fought long and hard for. In this demoralizing period of discontent nearly every woman in their heart knows it and feels it.

As a conservative visionary, award winning sportscaster and businesswoman, Melanie Tipton shares her Reaganomics vision, private sector rebirth in the documentary which is sponsored by The Conservative Campaign Committee / 1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama.

Tipton has created a vehicle which embraces the winning formula that women and families all across the nation will want to see and to share in their own lives. Unlike the Democrats and Obama who feel that taking away incentives from business and job creation is a more practical, socialistic approach, Melanie shows through her documentary how women and others who have struggled to create opportunity can rise when Reaganomics pave the way.

On Election Day step into the voting booth, and utilize your Personal Revolutionary Vote to energize the power of your vote with all the pride and dignity that you have. Begin your pathway toward a better, brighter future . Join women all over the nation in a Reaganomic revolutionary rebirth to eliminate Obama and the Democrat’s hopeless and unchanging economic misery index.

Replace it with a restoral of the American Dream. Your Personal Revolutionary Vote can and will preserve America for future generations to come. Melanie’s Tennessee may have been the beginning of the Women’s vote, but you and your vote will write an ending that is free, unshackled and can liberate America’s future.

Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, widely published writer, and national lecturer. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries.