Written by Audrey Russo on October 8, 2014

Since March of this year, a US Marine has been falsely imprisoned in a Mexican jail. If you’re unfamiliar with the facts of Andrew Tahmooressi’s case, here they are, plain and simple…

Tahmooressi, who served two tours in Afghanistan, was arrested on March 31st at a checkpoint in Tijuana, Mexico. He was found by Mexican customs agents to have three firearms in his truck, including a .45-caliber pistol, a pump action shotgun and an AR-15 rifle. All the weapons were legal.

He said the agents found the guns in the car after he had asked a guard for directions back to the United States and told him that he was traveling with three weapons. 

He took a wrong turn. It was as simple as that.

So, he was imprisoned for having illegal weapons (illegal in Mexico). Mexico, our “friend” and “ally” that we give millions of dollars to a year. The country who illegally sends their citizens across our border, then admonishes us to treat them with compassion and give them amnesty. The country that benefits to the tune of billions of dollars a year, sent back to them by their citizens, illegally working in the US.

And they have incarcerated, beaten, tortured our Marine for making a wrong turn into their country.

Our so-called Commander-in-Chief, who found time to trade five terrorist leaders for a deserter…has been unwilling to find “his phone or his pen” (in-between golf outings and fundraising) to get our Marine back home.

Mad yet?

Here’s a question for our side: Why is the GOP not in front of the cameras EVERY DAY, verbally pounding the WH to bring our Marine home?

I watched the GOP hot-dogging it in front of the cameras on C-Span for the House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on Mexico’s imprisonment of U.S. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, and aside from Hunter and  Rohrabacher…the rest were tickling constituents ears for the next election in a few weeks.

This is a severe character flaw in the Republican party. A lack of integrity, principles and courage. Everything the base of the GOP is NOT!

Perhaps Congressman Ted Poe gave a clue to the problem in his comments to Mrs. Tahmooressi (referring to Andrew’s time incarcerated):

“During that six months, this is not about the President. But he has had the opportunity to make a couple of phone calls during that six months.”

The key remark here: “this is not about the President.”  Au contraire, Rep. Poe…it is INDEED about the President. And the fact that you carefully slipped that comment in there, reveals a problem…and THE problem with the establishment GOP.

They have lost the the principles that made out party great. This has led to a lack of integrity…and has collapsed into cowardice in the face of evil deeds, such as the President’s refusal to act on behalf of our innocent Marine.

This is an EPIC FAIL for the GOP. And if they want our support in the next election: It’s time to “dance with the one that brung ya”. And that would be the noble base of what was once the Grand Old Party. Principles that emanated from the character of our Founders. And principles that appeal to young and old, who love freedom.

Maybe voters can press the “reset button” on election day? It’s a thought worth thinking…

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