HORROR: Illegal Alien Charged for Killing 3-Year-Old While Driving Drunk

I’m guessing amnesty would include people like this?

Horror came into the lives of the family of 3-year-old Angeles Moreno Sunday when young Moreno was struck in a hit and run by alleged drunk driver Adolfo Balbuena, an individual illegally present in the United States.

Sunday evening, 18-year-old Balbuena reportedly careened off the road and through a fence, hitting several pedestrians standing beside an ice cream truck, according to a Monday Fresno Bee article.

CHP reported that Balbuena then fled the scene in his vehicle.

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An eyewitness account of the crash aftermath, posted on the Bee’s website, recounted little Angeles’ mother holding her child and yelling for help. The woman said, at that time, the baby girl was still breathing. CHP reported the toddler died on the way to the hospital.

Three other victims were taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries.

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