SOMETHING WRONG: U.S. Christians Struggle for Rights; Illegal Aliens Run Wild

Written by Paul Hair on November 2, 2014

Christians in Texas, Idaho, and across the nation fight to keep government officials from stealing their basic rights even as illegal alien invaders proceed with their invasion and occupation of the country, showing the leftist war on America rages on stronger than ever.

Pastors in Houston and Christians in Idaho earned small victories by refusing to bow at the altar of Sodom. Nevertheless, the left’s grip on America remains strong and it is more determined than ever to destroy God-fearing people.

The Obama regime leads this anti-Christian jihad. It breaks the law by allowing so-called transgenders to serve in the armed forces even as surrogates such as Mikey Weinstein constantly war against Christians legally serving. Furthermore, their allies in the Church—heretics—undermine and erode what little influence Christians have left on the culture. The cumulative effect has been that Christians now have to fight every day to retain our most basic Constitutional rights.

Meanwhile, illegal aliens run wild in the nation; they are above the law and brazenly advocate for further lawlessness and conquest.

Pundits now talk about how illegal aliens vote and sway American elections. They discuss this as if it is just a commonly accepted reality that no one can stop from happening. They don’t address it as the revolutionary action it is. I suppose this is no surprise. After all, the President and members of Congress (Democrats and Republicans) don’t just meet with illegal aliens in public; they openly advocate for them and their invasion.

Illegal aliens, for their part, have moved on from openly advocating for their invasion. Now they advocate for ruling over actual Americans as if it is their right. Noted alien invader José Antonio Vargas (who, by the way, is also a sodomite) has long boasted of being in the U.S. in defiance of the law. He even portrays his lawlessness as victimization. He has testified before Congress and lectured it, all the while no member of Congress had the decency to demand he be arrested and deported. Now he wants more.

Vargas recently spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about a propaganda movie he made on behalf of the invasion, occupation, and takeover of America. During that interview he also mentioned that he would like to go after white people in America. Apparently invading and taking over the nation isn’t enough for him; now white people must be punished and subjugated to the alien. Vargas also wrote a recent piece for Vanity Fair advocating for aliens to be given driver’s licenses.

And then there is Prerna Lal, another sodomite and illegal alien activist. Lee Stranahan explained who she is and what her goals are in July of this year:

Prerna Lal, a radical leftist and self-described “Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic, Queer, Unashamed” illegal immigrant who once talked about killing, roasting and eating “white invaders” bragged on her Twitter account that she’s now officially an attorney here in the United States. . . .

Lal also is one of the people responsible for the current massive influx of children and asulym [sic] seekers overwhelming our nation’s borders.

As I reported on Breitbart News in Septmeber [sic] 2013, Ms. Lal is a respected, published immigration reform activist. She’s a prominent “Dreamer” activist–one of the young illegal aliens brought to the United States by their parents who are leading the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

So illegal aliens not only have no fear of being lawless; they actually are rewarded for it and put into positions of power over law-abiding Americans because of it. American Christians, meanwhile, have to fear for our freedom simply because we exist.

Congratulations are in order for Christians who won’t surrender to sodomites. The same is true for the increasing number of people who are voicing their anger over the alien invasion and occupation of America. But these are only minor victories in a larger war and people should expect leftists to become even more enraged and determined to wipe out all that is good now that some of us are starting to fight back.



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