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LESSER OF TWO EVILS? Statement on Christian Voting

by Pastor Calvin Lindstrom, Pastor John Kirkwood, Pastor James Pittman

Statement on Christian Voting from the Christian Emergency League

The decision to vote for a candidate is a weighty duty. Exodus 18:20, though not directly speaking about voting for candidates, specifies that those invested with political authority should be men who fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness. The Apostle Paul in Romans 13 describes those who serve in government as ministers of God. Those who serve must know that they will one day give account to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All those who vote also must recognize that they are equally responsible to King Jesus. Voters must not compromise principles they hold outside of the voting booth on Election Day.

Often conservative voters are conflicted when a race leaves only the lesser of two evils. The Christian Emergency League encourages a different mindset than just voting for the lesser of two or three or more evils. Rather than just asking which candidate is the lesser of two evils, should you not rather ask, does a candidate truly deserve your vote?

Sometimes Christians are accused of being single-issue voters. What fools we are if we think the pro-life position is a line that cannot be crossed. But what fools we are if we think supporting candidates who will not speak for the voiceless, will be your voice in Springfield or Washington. Can we expect God to bless a vote for someone who will not seek to protect innocent life?

It must be freely admitted voting based on principles may lead to additional years of incompetent and corrupt rule under someone like Gov. Quinn in the state of Illinois.

The Christian Emergency League is well aware that social conservative Christians may be singled out for blame. This we submit is a small burden in defense of principle and truth. We further submit that the damage to truly conservative and Christian principles caused by a compromised politician like Mr. Rauner is greater than what Gov. Quinn can bring. Let us hope and pray that Rauner becomes a byword in Illinois politics save his repentance.

In Service to King Jesus and His Truth

Pastor Calvin Lindstrom
Pastor John Kirkwood
Pastor James Pittman