EVIL WHITE COPS: Cops and Firefighters Flock to Autistic Boy’s Party After His Classmates Don’t Show

Published on February 21, 2015

Wait, I thought cops were evil? Enjoy this heartwarming story. I’m sure those parents of the kids who didn’t show sure feel dumb.

Ashlee Buratti, of St. Cloud, Florida, had invited her son Glenn’s class of 16 children to his birthday on February 8, and when no one showed up, he was devastated.

Though no one RSVP’d, Buratti and her husband John Buratti were ‘still holding on to the hope that some of them would show up’ to the party for her son, who has epilepsy and a mild form of autism.

‘From the minute he woke up that day he wanted to know how many minutes until his friends came,’ Buratti, 25, said, adding that his eyes filled with tears when he learned no one was coming.

The mother-of-three posted on a locally run Facebook page with more than 10,000 members titled, Osceola Rants, Raves and Reviews List, to express her frustration, according to the Osceola News-Gazette.


The message even reached staff from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, who asked for the family’s address and said a helicopter would fly over their St. Cloud home.

The helicopter came to the house within an hour, and the pilot flew low enough that Glenn could see him waving.

Glenn, who loves public safety and law enforcement, was overjoyed with the party, and his mom said that though he is usually shy, he took to his new friends like he’d known them all his life.

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