RACE BAITING ACADEMY: Fourth Graders Made to Read About Black Panthers

Published on February 6, 2015

Yet another reason to pull your kids from public school.

Stop Common Core NC reports that 4th Graders are being forced to read a book which contains a story where children are sent, by their mother, to a camp run by the Black Panther Party:

“What did you read when you were in elementary school? An engaged parent’s radar went off after reading an email describing upcoming assignments, see 4th Grade Reading Topics. I promised to update you as I learned more and right out of the gate is a story of concern. Some 4th Graders in Wake County are reading about the Black Panthers in the assigned book One Crazy Summer. There is so much to be concerned about with this story not just the Black Panthers, they read about broken families, racism, etc. These are heavy topics for 4th graders, let’s start the indoctrination early. The review from StorySnoops (bold emphasis mine):

“Eleven-year-old Delphine lives with her grandmother and father in Brooklyn, helping to take care of her two sisters after their mother abandoned them seven years ago. Her life changes suddenly when her father flies the three sisters out to Oakland to stay with their unfamiliar mother for the summer. They find themselves alone with a cold mother who, uninterested in them, sends them off to a summer camp run by the Black Panthers. Set in 1968, the civil rights movement is in full swing in Oakland, and Delphine finds that blacks are treated differently than they are in Brooklyn. She does a great deal of growing and learning during this one crazy summer — about family, racial pride, and responsibility.

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