OBAMA SHOOTS BIBI THE BIRD: Bibi Gets the Last Laugh

Written by Teri O'Brien on March 20, 2015

In the months leading up to the recent Israeli election, Barack Obama decided to go full Chicago on Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu. In January, he sent a team of his political operatives, led by Jeremy Bird, Obama’s 2012 National Field Director, over there to work to defeat Bibi by getting out the Arab vote. It was not to be. Despite a tremendous increase in turnout in the Arab-Israeli population, and unfortunately for President Payback, the attempted overthrow, call it a coup by community organizing, backfired, and Bibi won a resounding victory. I can’t remember if it was Emerson or Andrew Jackson who said it, but this election proved the truth of the adage “One man and the truth is a majority.” If only Bibi were divorced ….

It turns out that this bunch of Bird brains, an outfit known by many names, including The PeaceWorks Network Foundation, but most commonly “OneVoice” and its affiliate V15, was laundering U.S. tax dollars through the State Department, a violation of not only common decency, but also its tax-exempt status. In typical lying Leftist fashion, once their skullduggery was discovered, they scrambled to set up another affiliate to avoid that little tax-exempt problem thing. “Look over here! It’s a whole different entity!” Paging IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Never mind. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has agreed to look into this backroom dealing by the regime. Good luck, PeaceWorks, with that time-space continuum thing.

It’s worth spending a few minutes considering a few questions; specifically, why would the Left in Israel want to elect a government determined to appease enemies devoted to the destruction of the Jewish State? Why would an American president want to help them by covertly funneling U.S. taxpayer funds into the coffers of this “peace” group?

Stay with me here while I connect some dots. When it comes to this country, there are three legs to the Left’s “remaking” (read “payback”) stool: (1) amnesty, to transform the demographics of the country, and our society in general, (2) the takeover of the health care system, to give the federal government the power of life and death over every soul in the country, and (3) vote fraud, to transform the entire country into a one-party tyranny like the stinking slough of corruption that spawned Barack Obama, Cook County.

For a man of the Left like Obama, mentored by radical leftists, communists and anti-Semitic nutcases like Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, and Rashid Khalidi, the so-called Palestinians, actually Arabs, are yet another victim group, oppressed by white imperialism, which means they must be the focus of that afore-mentioned “community organizing”. It’s only by increasing their political power that the Alinskyite operatives can achieve their objective of “transforming” a society through income redistribution and related tyranny. It’s one in the same thing, here in the United States or in Israel.

So, Obama gave Bibi the Bird (Jeremy), and in the election results, Bibi gave it right back. Remember when Obama spokes-imbeciles spoke darkly of “a price” that would be paid by Israel if Bibi opposed their bad Iran deal? Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

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