Written by Angel Rodriguez on April 9, 2015

Walter Scott was gunned down like a dog as he ran from Officer Michael Slager. You guys know that I am pro law enforcement, but sometimes they do wrong! When they do, I will call them out on it! Walter may have committed a crime, and he may have gone for the tazer, but when he was shot, eight times, he was running, his back was turned, and in no way did he pose a threat to the cop.

I have always said that when a police officer stops you, that you should not resist and just cooperate. If you resist, odds are that you will lose in the long run.

I watched this other video recently, and it looked to me like this man was cooperating. Allegedly the situation arose over a bus ticket, and I cannot comment on that in depth as the details are unclear and murky. However, I didn’t see him do anything that warranted this end result.

Are we people or animals? I always come to bat for law enforcement when I think they are right, but there are times that they are wrong. Honestly, how much do you expect a man to take if you are treating him this way? I ask again, are we people or animals? The way they were holding him, kept him in a backward leaning position, as if he were a dog on a leash. That is unacceptable and I believe it was also uncalled for. We are human beings and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, we are not dogs to be tamed!

The man in the video appeared to be cooperating, and what I perceived is that the cop wanted to “dominate” and “tame” him into submission. So I ask you again, are we humans or animals? Is this cop the human whisperer? What is going on here? I will repeat, I have come to bat for law enforcement, many, many times. Yet, seeing videos like this one, or that jerk who harassed the Uber driver recently, are really starting to make me sick to my stomach and extremely disappointed in our police officers.

I would need more details as to whether or not this man actually did anything wrong, but from watching this, it seems to me that the officers escalated the situation and simply went overboard. I always say don’t resist, but he didn’t appear to be resisting and it looks to me as though this was simply a matter of ego and imposing their will upon the guy.

He asked for help from the onlookers, asking “Are you just going to stand there?” However, what can we do? If we interfere we then provide the cops a real reason to escalate. They did the right thing filming and sharing the video. What do you guys think about this one?


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