PISTOL PACKIN’ PRIEST: Tells His Flock To Carry Guns Because ‘They Can’t Trust God to Stay Safe’

Published on April 21, 2015

Cue the anti-gun rage in 3..2..1…

A Catholic priest has told his parishioners to carry guns – warning that faith alone is not enough to keep them safe.

Edward Fride, the pastor at Christ the King in Ann Arbor, Michigan, suggested churchgoers attend classes to gain a concealed pistol license.

In a pro-gun letter to parishioners, he warned that crime had gone up in the area while budget cuts meant that there had been a ‘significant reduction in the availability of an armed police response.’

After highlighting mass killings at schools across the US, he wrote that police were supportive of ‘doing what is necessary to adequately protect our families and our homes.’

His letter was called ‘We’re not in Mayberry Anymore, Toto’ in a reference to the Andy Griffith Show set in a North Carolina town in the 1960s.

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