RAND PAUL HAMMERS HILLARY’S ‘GRAND HYPOCRISY’: ‘They think they’re above the law’

Published on April 12, 2015

Rand Paul tells it like it is about Hillary.

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul slammed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “grand hypocrisy” of professing to be a champion for women’s issues while accepting huge donations from Middle Eastern countries that treat women as second-class citizens.

“I think the thing is about the Clintons is that there’s a certain sense that they think they’re above the law,” the senator from Kentucky told NBC News political director Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” Sunday.

“Hillary Clinton has taken money from countries that rape victims are publicly lashed,” he said, referring to a Saudi woman who was whipped after being gang raped by seven men. “We should be boycotting, voluntarily boycotting a country, not buying stuff from a country that does that to women,” he added.

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