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MUSLIM BEACH MASSACRE: Killer Joked As He Picked Tourist Victims to Open Fire On

Another ISIS attack on Westerners on a Tunisian beach slaughtered eight people, the majority being British.

This is the face of the man who slaughtered holidaymakers as they sunbathed on a Tunisian beach, killing 38 – the majority of them said to be British.

Islamic extremists ISIS have said they were behind the attack in the resort, naming the gunman who targeted Western tourists as Abu Yahya Qayrawani – thought to be the jihadi name of the killer shot dead by authorities after Friday’s attack.

The Tunisian Prime Minister said the ‘majority’ of the fatalities were British, as the number of Britons confirmed dead rose to eight.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the country needs to prepare itself for the fact that ‘many of those killed’ in the ‘savage’ Tunisian shooting were British, as the first British victim was named as Carly Lovett, 24.

Miss Lovett, a 24-year-old university graduate who is understood to be on the fourth day of her holiday with family and friends.

The photographer and blogger, who got engaged in December, excitedly tweeted on Tuesday: ‘Definitely leaving in like three hours and definitely am not finished packing.’

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