PRO GAY OR NO WAY: Denver Slams Our Favorite Chicken Chain

Written by Rad Magnum on August 24, 2015

Tolerance for everyone! Unless you uphold Christian values, in which case, no tolerance for you.

If you oppose homosexual marriage due to religious reasons, you can expect to be discriminated against. That’s the message the Denver City Council is sending a well-known Christian business.

Americans in favor of traditional marriage had this deplorable lesson shoved down their throats in the case of the Oregon bakery that refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. Hope you’re hungry, because here’s the second helping of injustice.

The Denver City Council is considering denying a popular chicken-loving restaurant chain a contract to open its doors and conduct business in Denver’s airport. I bet you’ve already guessed who it is.

According to the Denver City Council, Chick-fil-A’s presence would impose a “moral issue on the city” due to the company’s propensity to use company profits to “fund and fuel discrimination.” Don’t look now, Denver City Council, but I think fueling discrimination is a problem you guys already have. 

One councilwoman, Robin Kniech, who is openly gay said, “We really want to look into the policies and practices of these companies and just make sure they conform to ours in the city, the State of Colorado. We have a marriage decision nationally. This is really about policies and it’s about practices.”

Key word in the previous quote: Conform.

Last I checked, freedom of religion and freedom of speech (including monetary donation) are still protected rights in this country, even in hazy Denver, Colorado.

Yet Denver’s council has seen fit to cast those rights aside and impose its own tyrannical rule on businesses.

Even Liberals are scratching their heads over this one. Kevin Drum over at Mother Jones called the council’s actions “wildly inappropriate.” Says Drum, “I really don’t think [Chick-fil-A’s stance on gay marriage] should be a precondition for winning a bid with a government agency.”

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