THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU: This Is What We Really Need to Stop the Iran Deal

Published on September 14, 2015

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

The media has it all wrong. It doesn’t take 60 votes to derail the Iran treaty. They don’t need the Senate to agree. The House of Representatives can stop the Iran treaty with 51 votes! In short the media and the politicians are both lying to you.
What – you don’t believe me – the politicians and liars ( but I’m being redundant ), can easily stop the treaty. Let me explain.
The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power to declare war, and control the war through the budget process. It only takes a simple majority of the House to DECLARE WAR. A declaration of War would supersede any “treaty” made with or without presidential or Senatorial authority.
If O’Bama does not properly pursue the war if declared He would/should be impeached.
So, don’t let the biased media or lying pundits deceive you. I would rather push for war against Iran, then follow a treaty which, in the end, will allow them nuclear weapons. Iran is a major funder of terrorism. They support militant Muslims.
What action can you take to stop the Iranian traitorous presidential treaty ? Write your congressman and demand that they DECLARE WAR  against Iran and Islamic terrorists. I believe that it is much better to fight them now, before they obtain nuclear weapons. It’s either that, or admit defeat and bring all servicemen serving in foreign lands home, abandon the world to itself, and protect our own borders!
I pray that the citizens of this once great country wake up and realize what they can do, instead of listening to the politicraps that that tell them they don’t have any control. Citizens must exercise the control that they have, and awaken to their responsibilities for the proper running of our government.
Lord, grant our citizens the realization that what they do matters. To sit by and do nothing is to also take action. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

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