MAJOR COFFEE CHAIN: Won’t Let Cop Use It’s Toilet Because …

Published on September 20, 2015

Here’s a place you shouldn’t buy any more of your coffee from.

A Starbucks in downtown Philadelphia was at the center of controversy on Tuesday when a story was posted to Facebook revealing that a “liberal” clerk recently refused to let a city police officer use the restroom.

On his Facebook page, officer Joe Leighthardt, a Sergeant on the Philly force, posted the frustrating experience of one of his fellow officers. It wasn’t long before thousands of comments built up on Leighthardt‎’s post.

The officer, who remains nameless, told Sgt. Leighthardt about his mistreatment by the barista at the Starbucks at 1301 Chestnut Street, saying, “This is the world cops live in anymore. It’s hip for this generation to berate and totally disrespect cops in front of the public and praise cop killers as the heroes of they’re [sic] time.”

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