FRANKLIN GRAHAM: Just Pissed Off Libs And Whiny Atheists With THIS INITIATIVE

Written by Wes Walker on October 7, 2015

You’ve probably heard by now that the monument for the Ten Commandments was removed from Oklahoma under the cover of darkness. Wow, how perfect can a metaphor get?

There has been a collective turning of our backs (nationally) on both Christ and his word. One by one, institutions and values once taken for granted as integral to our cultural fabric have been swept away.  And Franklin Graham, isn’t about to take this lying down.

Have many Christians surrendered already? Sure. They trip over themselves to prove to an unbelieving world just how neatly Jesus can fit into the new paradigms.

A little tweak here, a little tuck there, and Jesus 2.0 can hop in step with the new values handed down from… whoever’s handing them down these days. Sinai 2.0, I guess.

And what does modern compromise look like? Well, as an example, a lesbian Bishop in Stockholm proposed the removal of crosses in a church and installing signs to help Muslims know which way to face when praying towards Mecca.

Meanwhile, some Christians gather in small groups to sagely tell each other how it is all unfolding just like their favorite End Times scholar said it would.

Are we called by Christ to give society’s autopsy? To be colour commentators of how society is circling the toilet? No!

We are called to get off the bench, and be salt and light.

And while others, gobsmacked, wondered what comes next, Franklin Graham took action.

Knowing it’s going to take a Church that shakes off its apathy, one that no longer cedes the moral conscience of the nation to special interest groups openly hostile to Christ, Graham is doing some “community organizing” of his own.

In his strikingly positive video, he outlines his plan.

The “Decision America Tour” is pretty simple, actually. Graham wants to visit all 50 States so that he can encourage believers to:

1) Gather in prayer for the nation.
2) Let their voting decisions to be guided by Biblical principles.
3) Engage in their communities by living and sharing their faith.

There will be no endorsing of candidates or parties.

His focus isn’t “my team” or “your team”. It’s on Jesus Christ.

If things are going to get back on track, if Christians are going to play a meaningful role in the unfolding of culture, if we believe that Ronald Reagan’s ideal of America as a shining “City on a Hill” (Matt 5:14) is a truly worthwhile goal — what are we willing to do about it?

Are Christians going to cowboy up, and resume a leadership role in our neighborhoods, cities and nation?

Or will we roll over, play dead, and hope that whoever fills that power vacuum doesn’t make us bow and scrape too uncomfortably in whatever Brave New World they’re envisioning.

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