GUN GRABBERS: Are Using Pellet Guns To Jack Up Massing Shooting Numbers

Written by Thomas Holmes on October 7, 2015

By Thomas Holmes

As any cardigan-wearing liberal guilt humper will tell you – whether you want them to or not – guns are the terror of society. Guns are the definition of pure evil and must be eliminated from all existence so the utopic serenity that will surely result can be realized. Don’t believe me, just look at how successful it’s been in Australia. Oh, never mind . Never ones to be discouraged by facts, liberals aren’t satisfied with the contrasting, actual, statistics showing a significant downshift in gun related homicides even as gun ownership has spiked. Instead, they’ve employed- excuse me, fantasized- completely other numbers designed to shove their narrative further down our throat. Unfortunately for people who care about truth, to say nothing of the fabric of reality, the No-Gun-For-You Jihadists now claim that pellet guns are the same as actual guns.

According to the raving anti-gun site, a sight that claims to provide objective data on guns, incidents such as the, uh… great St. Petersburg, FL pellet gun “massacre” of February 24, 2014, where people reported “being hit in their legs, hands, and back….but none of the injuries were serious” are the statistical equivalent of the fatal UCC bloodbath. As a result of such, ahem, research the libs are hiding behind these dramatic “gun violence statistics” to better fit their pleas for more gun restrictions.

What’s worse, is major reporting outlets appear to use findings and pass along the propaganda as gospel. Just when you think the Left can’t defile truth any further, they’ve up and figured out a way inflate- excuse me, lie – about gun violence by essentially telling people that Ralphie and his Red Rider BB gun is the same maniac as UCC gunman, Christopher Harper-Mercer.

Watch out, Opie with your murderous sling shot. Your days as a free roaming serial killer are numbered.

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