GERMAN PARENTS OUTRAGED: After Students Are Forced To Do This for ‘Refugees’

Written by Julie Prince on October 19, 2015

A school in Lübeck, Germany thought it would be a good idea to teach students “practical work experience” by having them clean up after and take care of refugees. Parents were outraged when they discovered their children had to perform these activities. 

The tasks range from changing bed linens to cooking their food and sorting through their clothes. A letter that one of the children received that circulated on Facebook was determined to be real.

A spokeswoman for the ministry said, “The idea came to light because the school and actually also this class are attended by refugee children. The students go on a daily basis with this issue.”  The ministry also insists that the idea came purely from the students, not from the teachers.

It’s being reported that Germans have expressed negativity regarding the refugees living near them. If they show any disagreement with Syrian refugees living near them at Asylum Center or if there are any threats made toward the refugees, they could be labeled as xenophobic and radical. This could cost them their jobs or even worse, their children.

By the looks of this video, the refugees are living like animals, dumping their garbage from the balconies of their free housing. Something the natives are not very happy about.

Germany is bracing for a possible 1.5 million in total refugees in 2015 alone. This poses a problem much like the U.S. faces with illegal aliens. How do they know who is being let into the country? It poses not just a threat to national security, but stress on economic structure among other issues.

People are coming from places like Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq to escape their war torn countries and economic hardships they undoubtedly face. Entire families are being wiped out during the treacherous journey they take by sea.

Germany and other European nations are overwhelmed by the number of refugees and many are closing their borders. A cue the United States should be taking as well.

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