3 WAYS That Obama Takes America From Shining City on a Hill to ‘Second Emitter’

Written by Teri O'Brien on December 7, 2015

For over two weeks, Barack Obama, has given the whole world a window on the mind of the narcissist, disconnected from reality, and believing what is not only not real, but unbelievable. First, in an interview with Democrat operative, ABC News‘ George Stephanopolous, he pronounces the vicious Islamist enemy, ISIS, “contained.” The very next day, November 13, some of these head chopping lunatics managed to escape from the container and murder 130 innocent people in Paris. Obama, discussing this horrific event at the G-20, the following Monday, brushed off any suggestion that he might want to change his approach to fighting this enemy. Why? Because of a mere “setback” at the hands of the group that he once called the “JV team”? His petulant performance at that November 17 news conference said it all: “Talk to the hand, Peasants. Just because you aren’t smart enough to appreciate my master plan, doesn’t mean I’m going to change it.”

Now, in the last few days, while in Paris, attending a conference on “climate change,” this very disturbed man doubled down on delusion. Reacting to the Colorado Springs shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility, in which three people were killed by a pot-loving recluse, he said, “I say this every time we’ve got one of these mass shootings: This just doesn’t happen in other countries.” Excuse me, Sir, but you do realize you are in Paris? Paris FRANCE,  which is in – let me speak slowly – France, which is not part of the United States, but is in fact another country, and where you are right now saying it doesn’t happen in other countries. Could he have imagined he was in Paris, Texas? Will we see email exchanges after he leaves office, in which his minions express concern that he becomes very confused at times like the ones we are now seeing about Hillary Clinton? Time will tell.

It is fascinating to see the Jurassic media tie themselves up in knots desperate to prove that Donald Trump “lied” when he said that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the 9/11 attacks. Maybe Donald Trump is exaggerating, or maybe he’s 100% correct, but does anyone think he doesn’t know what country he’s in? Do we think he might know when he is in a foreign country? Yes, of course, but then the Donald never claimed to be a “citizen of the world” like the International Man of Mystery currently occupying the Oval Office. The latter man could never promise to make America great again since he never thought it was great in the first place. That’s why he promised to “remake” it. He believes the exact opposite and this “climate change” hoax is a big part of his payback strategy for racist, imperialistic Amerika.

Those who watched Obama’s cringe-inducing G-20 performance, scratched their heads and were rendered nearly speechless by it need to understand that these two Obama presentations are bookended examples that complement one another. I explained his “baffling” approach to ISIS and seeming blindness to the danger presented from importing unvetted Syrian “refugees” here at Clash Daily a couple of weeks ago. His lack of desire to fight this enemy, and to even enable it, is perfectly consistent with his ideology, his political calculation and the soft spot he has in his heart for Islam.

His enthusiastic embrace of the “climate change” fraud is the other side of that same Marxist coin. Why? Here are three reasons.

Obama is a poseur
He is not a problem solver. He’s a poseur, so what better “crisis” to take on is one that cannot be solved by human beings, but can be used to scare people into parting with more of their liberty and their money? “Do what I want or everyone is going to die right now!!!” Can you imagine a better argument that a leftist could make? Who would you rather fight, brutal bloodthirsty psychopaths who saw off heads, set people on fire and rape little girls, or some imaginary, non-existent phenomenon? How fun to play pretend Warrior King, battling the scary boogie man that no one can see!

Obama is a hypocrite
Show of hands. Who thinks Her Royal Wideness, Michelle Obama, gives a lot of thought to her “carbon footprint”?  On those times when she simply cannot stand the brief interlude between luxury vacations and absolutely must get out of town immediately, even if that means taking a separate private jet from the one her husband takes, I doubt it crosses her mind or his. This “climate conference” was a clinic in hypocrisy, spewing 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere (and that doesn’t include Obama’s speechifying.)

If Obama believed that he and his family would have to actually live under the policies he inflicts on the rest of us, he would not be so eager to impose them. Can you say “Obamacare?”

Obama is an insufferable gasbag
How perfect that he would make the laughable assertion that “climate change” is as significant a danger to our national security as Islamist terrorism at this silly conference. That assertion is also perfectly consistent with everything Obama, including his inability to stop lecturing everyone. Told he would get three minutes to speak, he took 14.

Listen to this fool, from The Daily Caller:

“I’ve come here personally as the leader of the world’s largest economy and the second largest emitter, to say that the United States of America not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it,” said the president. “We have broken the old arguments for inaction. We’ve proved that strong economic growth and a safer environment no longer have to conflict with one another.”

OOOO, his Royal Highness went there PERSONALLY? He deigned to favor other world leaders with his actual preternatural presence and didn’t send John “Lurch” Kerry and James Taylor? Of course he went himself because he likes nothing more than an opportunity to apologize for this very guilty, wicked nation. And if you can show me anyone who knows more about “strong economic growth” and how to create an environment to promote it, I’d like to see that guy.

Delusional, much?

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