Congress Just Passed A Budget That Proves Obama Is LAUGHING In Our Faces

How can history teach us from past mistakes if we refuse to learn from it?

Congress has just passed a budget which (from early reports) are completely in line with the priorities of a President who laughs at the limitations of his power spelled out in the founding documents.

He chronically overreaches, spearheading initiatives far beyond his legitimate authority, and actually dares somebody to do something about it. He has that pen and that phone, and he’s happy to abuse the entire nation with both of them.

Might this finally be incentive for someone to jerk back the leash that reigns him in?  And who holds that leash? The same people who have been holding rogue kings in check since the early days of Magna Carta. The people in charge of the government purse.

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Whatever your opinion of monarchy, even then the British system had a failsafe to shut down crazy kings. What’s more, it’s the same failsafe America built into her own system.

Crazy kings can only do as much harm as they have money to finance their plans. If a king wanted to wage a costly, senseless war, and his people did not support it, the solution was simple. Cut off the king’s money.

If a king has no gold, he can’t build ships, pay a standing army, or drag people into a war. (This could even be Obama’s endgame for racking up crushing National Debt. No money = no military = no more American Superpower. Game. Set. Match.)

The Democrats understood this at one time. They used Congressional budget powers to restrict military operations in Vietnam. But today’s Republicans have been letting the media define the narrative for so long that they tremble at the very threat of negative press associated with doing their duty.

If government bodies are out of control, reign them in. If Planned Parenthood defies the law, cut their funding. If the President is committing the nation to reckless initiatives at home or abroad, with no thought to the negative consequences, yank his leash. If he cannot fund his reckless initiatives, there are fewer ways to wield a despotic influence.

If there were any vertebrae in Congress, maybe we could stop hand-wringing about how he’s trashing the country. Are they afraid of the media? What better way to shine a spotlight on the real problem — Obama’s despotic rejection of the limitations of his office?

Can you imagine if Congress even took baby steps toward limiting Federal funding to such powers as were specifically enumerated as Federal responsibilities? Wouldn’t that be refreshing. Incremental change in the RIGHT direction for a change?

But it will require a spine and a moral compass. If such things still exist in Washington.

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