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To readers: This is a revised version of a previous article by Nick Taxia, which is not satire. Although this may be a “repeat” of sorts, the article’s troubling vision and message unfortunately remain pertinent. Thank you.

“And when he had opened the second seal..there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.”

Such a vision of the red horse of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is something people may think of following barbarous attacks such as 9/11, the Mumbai Siege, the Russian airline bombing, and now the Paris atrocity, and so on. I, however, begin thinking of apples. Indeed, the nutritious little fruit.

Just like apples, people are divided into “batches”; by race, region, creed, language, lifestyles, etc. So it are atrocities like the jihadist attacks on Paris from the “religion of peace”, and subsequent state of siege they have revealed Europe to be under that cause me to ask: at what point do bad apples of a certain batch become so numerous and/or rank, offending, that it causes the entire batch to be deemed rank —ruined? What is the percentage of rotten apples within a particular batch do apples outside of that batch have to tolerate before they desire to throw out that entire batch…to “throw out”, make vanish? I fear this is what the world is coming to, the Red Horse of the apocalypse. I pray it is not. But wish and pray all I want, I see the writing on humanity’s wall clearer with each of these Islam-inspired attacks.

This is the question that causes me to shiver —all part of the consequence of these monstrous deeds— more than the attacks themselves. The rotten apples I speak of are obviously Muslim radicals, belonging to the grand batch of followers of Islam (over 1.7 billion members worldwide), whom we are divided into smaller batches themselves, and the rest of us apples are in other batches (the non-Muslim world).

Any rational non-Muslim with a modicum of humanity would want a sure-fire way to be able to throw out only the rotten apples from the Islamic Batch without having to discard the majority of good ones, or causing any other apples to also become “rotten” (jihadist). I wish this could be accomplished. I wish this were possible. I wish there could be an ultimate resolution to many Muslims’ current disdain for modernity, and there be peace and harmony forever. But, I fear. Oh, I fear.

I fear because the cringing reality is this: take out one “bad apple” and more than likely that extraction by “outside apples” will anger apples who were friendly with the bad apple, or at least sympathetic, somewhat understanding of it. For rotten as the vanquished apple may have been, it was still a member of “their batch”, and was taken out by those outside their batch. Inevitably a snowball effect will ensue, causing similar apples to turn rotten, in hopes of avenging the original. When they too are taken out of the batch (by “outside” batch members), at least some of the non-rotten apples who may have not cared for the former new rotten apples will turn also sensitive to them, even supportive. The more mistrustful the non-rotten apples of the batch become of outsiders, the more some of them will inevitably turn rotten, and thus will be extracted. …Meddling of outsiders causes hostility, suspicion, paranoia and eventually more and more rotten apples of the batch until, horribly, enough apples not of their batch will arrive to the conclusion: this whole batch is rotten and “must go”; the act of distinguishing between the ripe and the rotten becoming simply too onerous and risky to tolerate.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: via the plain, humble little apple, you have for you the step-by-step process so many groups of human beings have gone through over history, and will continue to go through to justify annihilating another race, creed, or class of each other from this Earth. This is the anatomy of genocide. And I fear that such a scenario concerning the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds is inevitable if there continue to be 9/11s, “lone wolves”, coordinated bombings, mass shootings, and the reflexive air strikes and invasions. This is how the insanity of the few mutates into the reasonable among the many. Insanity transmuting to the rational.

A global Pew poll taken in 2006 (The Great Divide: How Muslims and Westerners View Each Other) bore jaw-dropping findings on how the world’s Muslims view Western Civilization, its people, their place among them, and vice-versa.  Granted it is nearly 10 years old, I doubt the same poll taken today would show much improvement.

In short, Pew discovered a vast swath of Muslims seemingly unable or unwilling to melt into, amiably adapt to and live harmoniously alongside the rest of humankind. I was horrified by what Pew revealed (Pew never have being known for their bias or sloppy surveying).

On the other hand, Western media pays moderate Muslims little justice in its coverage of them. Muslim “leaders” frequent TV and radio shows, write columns and hold small rallies in hopes of divorcing themselves from their bloodthirsty, troglodyte brethren, but to little notice and seemingly no consequence. This feeds into my fear that so few are positive depictions of Muslims in today’s “information age” that the good apples will eventually be lumped in with the rotten, judged too insignificant to bother being distinguished.

Thus in deep, morose, terrifying visions I see this growing conflict between Muslim and non-Muslim culminating in a great, apocalyptic war of annihilation —a global war of extermination, in which I do not see over one-fifth of the world’s people surviving. …And I want these visions to stop!

I do not see this all-out, global war of obliteration taking place in my lifetime, beginning after another attack like in Paris, but more so, let us say, after a few of the world’s largest cities are sent up into the stratosphere in one giant, blazing holocaust by Islamists, leaving the rest of humanity with little choice on what to do with the “Islam Batch”. It will not be a collective, militarized cooperation of allied nations, but rather within a complete unfathomable state of worldwide anarchy, rivaling that of something out of Mad Max, The Walking Dead, or perhaps Europe in the last days of World War II.

Dear Muslims, particularly the silent and moderate among you: welcome to your wake-up call. Welcome to your “scared straight” moment. Is this really what the world is marching towards? Is my vision right, and I have the right to be terrified? For if I am, we all should be terrified if we are ever to envision our grandchildren playing, laughing, one day cradling their own grandchildren in their arms; all batches of apples living more-or-less contently, as free of their rotten as possible.

I would like to say, dear Muslims, that the choice to avoid this genocidal apocalypse I see is not almost entirely in your hands. I would like to say this, dearly. But as things stand now in the world, it is.

-Nick Taxia
Former Writer and Producer of


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Nick Taxia

Nick Taxia is a former campaign manager and consultant in Washington, D.C. He is the primary writer and producer of the conservative-leaning satirical web site,, as well as a rising radio personality, commentator, and comedian.

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