THE VICTIMS: Father of 6, A Messianic Jew And Others Slain By #SanBernardino Muslim Terrorists

Published on December 4, 2015

Isaac Amanios, 60 

Isaac Amanios is the cousin of Nat Berhe, safety for the New York Giants. Berhe took to Twitter saying his relative was ‘a great human being’. (No photo)

Harry Bowman, 46

The LA Times spoke to Harry Bowman’s mother, Marion, on the phone who said that her son had grown up in York, Pennsylvania, and moved to California to work more than 15 years ago.

Bowman, 46, had two daughters, she said, adding that the family wanted to protect their privacy.

A package was found at his home in Upland on Thursday evening when a reporter visited which was addressed to ‘Hal’. (No photo)

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