WUSSIFICATION: Belgian Soldiers Deployed to ‘FIGHT TERRORISTS’… But It’s HARD To Do Without THIS

Published on March 29, 2016

This is exactly why terrorists are taking advantage of Europe and instilling fear in people — because their leaders are doing nothing about it.

BRUSSELS – Amid Revelations of perceived failures in Belgium’s handling of terror threats, a prominent rabbi from Brussels said Belgian authorities “have no understanding of security issues.”

Rabbi Menachem Hadad of Brussels’ Shomre Hadas haredi Orthodox community made the remarks in an interview Thursday with Israel’s Army Radio about concerns that Belgium lacks the counterterrorism capabilities of other Western European countries grappling with home-grown jihadism of the kind on display on Tuesday, when a series of explosions in Brussels killed 32 people.

Hadad said that soldiers who were posted outside a synagogue and the city’s Chabad House following the slaying of four Jews in Brussels’ Jewish Museum of Belgium in 2014 told him that for months, they used to guard the area with no bullets in their rifles. “It was just a show. It’s not normal,” he said.

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