This Female Bad@ss SLAMS International Women’s Day — Feminists Will NOT Like This

Written by Ashley Lauren on March 8, 2016

Today is International Women’s Day! Yay! A day where women in First World countries complain about things they have every opportunity to change all by themselves.

In America, we don’t employ slave labor, so any woman who feels they’re not being paid what they’re worth… can quit. En masse, women walking out on employers who pay them $.78 on the dollar could shut those businesses down. No “International Day” of anything needed.

Don’t think there are enough women CEO’s, or politicians…start a company or run for office. What’s stopping anyone? No really…there literally is nothing stopping women from holding those positions other than a lack of women looking to hold those positions.

If we’re going to take up valuable space on the calendar (on Taco Tuesday nonetheless) with any holiday dedicated to one gender over the other (which is itself discriminatory), then we should be focusing on women around the world who face real discrimination and unspeakable horrors every day that they have no absolutely no control over. Like women in Africa and the Middle East who are forcibly circumcised, raped, sold as sex slaves, and given as property through arranged marriages.

I can’t speak for other countries…but here in America, every woman already has an equal opportunity to be…well, equal. It’s up to the individual to put on her big girl panties and make the most of it.

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Ashley Intartaglia is a Florida native, Senior Vice President of an award winning political media and communications firm, and a frequent commentator on Fox News and Newsmax TV. She is also a passionate animal advocate and volunteer at a local shelter.