The Murder Of This Female Freshman Is Why EVERY Girl Should learn SELF-DEFENSE

Published on April 8, 2016

UPDATE: The suspect police officers were searching for has been arrested. Here is the press release:

BREAKING: A suspect is in custody in connection with the death of UT freshman Haruka Weiser.

Posted by Morning Express with Robin Meade on Friday, April 8, 2016

What happened to this young college student is every parent’s worst nightmare. But it is also why every woman should know how to defend herself and should always be aware of her surroundings.

The identity of the student found dead in a creek on University of Texas at Austin campus Tuesday has been released and police are now hunting for the chief suspect.

Haruka Weiser, 18, from Portland, Oregon was a first year theater and dance student at the university.

Weiser was reported missing on Monday morning by fellow roommates, said Austin Police Assistant Chief Troy Gay, speaking at a press conference Thursday.

She had been walking back to her dorm from the drama building on campus when she was assaulted then killed, said Gay, but would not elaborate on what kind of assault she suffered.

An autopsy has confirmed death by homicide but police have not said how she was killed.

On Thursday hundreds a vigil honoring the first-year dance student.

A chief suspect has been identified as a black male, 6 ft tall who was caught on CCTV at 11pm Sunday night riding a red or pink woman’s bike.

A $15, 000 reward is being offered for information that would lead to an arrest.

Her body was found just after 10.46 am Tuesday morning.

Speaking at a press conference at 1 pm local time Thursday, Gay described the series of events that lead to the horrific incident.

He said: ‘On Sunday night April 3 between 9.30 pm and 9.45 pm Haruka was seen leaving the drama building at the UT campus.

‘She had communication with friends and we are confident we knew the direction she traveled back to her dormitory.

‘But she never made it to her dorm. Her roommate called Texas PD to report her missing on Monday at 11.30 am.

Read more: Daily Mail

Here is footage of the suspect, released by the Austin Police Department:

Here are some pictures of the young woman:





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