DEAR HILLARY: UK Paper ADOPTS Trump’s Campaign Slogan … So, SUCK On That

Published on June 25, 2016


This British newspaper just revealed what Brexit is really all about — making their country great again. Do you want to do the same thing here and make America great again?

The Daily Star has adopted presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign slogan by declaring: “Cam quits, BoJo for PM… Now Let’s Make Britain Great Again!”

The front page of the newspaper comes just days after the UKIP-donor owned tabloid splashed the phrase “Brexit Gunman” to describe mentally-ill Jo Cox killer Thomas Mair.

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Social media users have suggested this is the paper’s way of trying to reach back out to UKIP voters after wrongly conflating Brexit and the alleged murderer.

Meanwhile, the Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper is claiming to have inside information on why the Prime Minister resigned yesterday.

“Why should I do the hard sh*t” the paper’s headline reads, followed by an article suggesting Mr. Cameron was not inclined to carry out a Brexit vote because it was too hard work.

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