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BREAKING: Obama Celebrates MUSLIM Holiday For 1st Time At The WH – Does This OFFEND You?

President Obama continues to show America exactly where his priorities are. Even after the countless terror attacks at the hands of his ‘religion of peace,’ he still decided to celebrate this Muslim holiday for the first time in the White House. Does this offend you?

President Obama spoke in strong support of Muslim Americans, who he said ‘enrich our lives every single day’, during the first ever Eid celebration at the White House on Thursday.

Obama broke from the tradition of hosting the annual Iftar dinner, an evening meal during Ramadan where Muslims break their daily fast, to celebrate the conclusion of the Islamic holy month instead.

More than 100 Muslim Americans attended the event celebrating the holiday, including Muhammad Ali’s wife Lonnie and six of their children.

Obama began his remarks by paying tribute to the Greatest, who passed during Ramadan.

‘As proud of his blackness as he was of his faith, the Champ taught us that the most important thing in life is to be ourselves,’ the president told the crowd.

And, Obama said, he wanted the day to be a reminder that Muslims ‘have always been a part of America’.

‘For more than two centuries, Muslim Americans of all backgrounds – Arab and Asian, African and Latino, black and white – have helped build America,’ he said.

‘As farmers and merchants, factory workers, architects, teachers and community leaders. Muslim Americans have enriched our lives every single days.’

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