DEAR OBAMA: After #Nice Massacre, Is It TIME To ‘Ban ASSAULT Trucks?’

Published on July 15, 2016

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Will Obama blame this terrorist attack on assault trucks now? Is it time to ban them? Maybe now he will wake up to realize that we are at war with ISIS, not guns, trucks, or knives.

Here are some of the latest statements from Hollande:

More from Hollande:

“We have visited scores of injured, who have horrendous images in their heads. They are suffering more because of the psychological trauma. Even people who have no signs of physical injury, will carry throughout their lives the trauma of the horrific images they saw.

And he suggested that at least one policeman was killed in the attack:

“I have tears in my spirit about this young policeman who acted so that killer should be neutralised, and put an end to the carnage. The security services have answered all the demands and the calls upon them.

Here’s more from Hollande’s statement, via a BBC translation.

He said the authorities want to find out if there are accomplices that pose a threat to the population.

In addition to the 84 victims Hollande said:

“There are 50 other people who are still receiving emergency treatment. They are between life and death. Amongst the victims are French citizens as well as foreigners, who came from all continents. And there are a number of young children who came to watch fireworks with their families, who have been struck down just to satisfy the cruelty of one individual or possible of a group.”

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