DEAR CNN: Here’s 7 Examples of HILLARY’S Nasty, Gnarly, Naked Racism – Enjoy!

Published on August 27, 2016

Hey, CNN! Feeling conflicted yet? We’re Looking at YOU Don Lemon!

Lemon’s two favorite things — blowing sunshine up Hillary’s backside, and calling people racist are about to clash.

Whatever is a poor toady to do? Check this list and then help him out in the comments.

1. Hillary was the first ‘Birther’

2. The Democrats are against school choice which HURTS inner-city kids.

3. She’s cozying up to the Black Lives Matter movement

4. Hillary called Bill’s campaign manager a ‘F*cking Jewish Bastard’

5. Hillary called Black men ‘Super-Predators’ that need to ‘come to heal’

6. Her LAME joke about Mahatma Ghandi owning a gas station

7. ANOTHER lame joke about Colored People time

What have we learned?

Two main things:

1. Hillary is racist.

2. Hillary should REALLY stop telling jokes. (How is it so many people around the Clintons suffer from ‘mysterious deaths’ but whoever writes this crap somehow keeps going?)

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