DEAR PARENTS: Bill Made ADULTERY ‘Cool’ And Hillary’s Made Lyin’ Your ASS Off Okay!

Published on August 5, 2016

Those kooky ‘Liberal Values’! Bill and Hillary will HATE this, so SHARE IT!

bill hillary meme

If you get a character reference from Bill or Hillary, does it count for anything?

They’re certainly trailblazers. Bill was an adulterer ‘before it was cool’, (L-O-N-G before Ashley Madison had a dot-com, and just after his V.P. ‘invented the internet’) and Hillary is upping the ante.

Why just tell a little lie, and hide it when you can tell the BIG LIE and brag about it! She’s even got entire networks repeating her lie. (She even gave it a cute nickname: short-circuiting..!)

Infidelity and dishonesty.

Maybe not “American Values”…
But certainly “Clinton” ones.

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