DISGUSTING: Detroit Pastor Gets SLAMMED For Trump Visit – BTW, Hillary Never Responded To Church Invite

Published on September 4, 2016

An influential Detroit pastor wanted to inform the black community about the Presidential candidates. He invites BOTH Trump and Hillary, and is now taking heat because Trump accepted the invitation for the interview.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries in Detroit had a visit from Donald Trump on Saturday. Jackson was interviewing Trump on his TV channel, Impact Network.

The pastor who will interview Donald Trump at a black Detroit church on Saturday is responding to a deluge of criticism from people unhappy about the GOP presidential nominee’s visit.

In a series of interviews and social media posts over the past week, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson has defended his decision to invite Trump to his church and to be interviewed on Jackson’s television channel, Impact Network.

“This interview is not an endorsement,” Jackson wrote on Facebook this week. “This is engagement. We have given Hillary Clinton the same opportunity as Donald Trump and she has not yet responded. This is not to put one up above the other but you gotta understand that we are in a race, and there’s two people in the race. This is to inform our community of what he will do if elected.”

It seems many of Jackson’s followers are not convinced. On Friday, his social media team warned on Facebook that it would be removing comments that resort to name-calling or use foul language.

A couple of the comments that weren’t deleted:

“That’s incredible that you would ask everybody on here to be respectful and civil when you are interviewing someone who never display that,” Kerry Hill said in response to the warning that asked users to refrain from name-calling.

Other inflammatory comments call Jackson “a spawn of the devil,” accuse him of being paid off by Trump and label the event propaganda.

Adding insult, Bishop Jackson has been asked if he’s be paid off by Trump to have the interview.

“My phone has been burning up,” Jackson told the Detroit Free Press. “And the things people are asking: ‘Is Donald Trump paying me off?’ They haven’t paid me off. You haven’t looked at me and seen a man who’s needed things, I’ve always been blessed. It’s not about being a Judas to my people.”
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Watch Trump’s speech:

So, how did the interview go? Well…

Watch the STANDING OVATION that Trump gets from the church here:

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